Difference between 3 reel slot and 5 reel slots

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Once a deposit is made in slot online sites or any other gaming site, a player can start using real money and can earn as well. Different online sites have different and various kinds of games that play by different principles. Most of the sites start by no deposit bonus and provide free spin bonus throughout the game. They are no hard and fast rule if the player has to stay and play. If the site has not met its expectations, then he/she can leave after trial.

But if they decide to stay, they got to spin the reel of luck. Three-reel slot is an ancient history, nowadays most land casinos and even slot-online games have started five-reel slot. It is an addition of two more reels that gives higher chance on winning. This does not mean that the pay line/payouts will be more, RNG makes sure the person gets rigged free gaming experience. This game still runs on wheel of chance. Let’s compare these two-
3- Reel Slot 5-Reel Slot
It is simple, a very basic design that looks classic It is modern, a complicated version of the original.
It does not take time, the game ends in seconds It takes a while with extra bonus and jackpot prizes with more animation
You get one or two pay lines You can get at least 15 possible pay lines
3-reel slot has lower RTP percentage, the jackpot is reserved for players with higher bets 5-reel slot have high bonus and jackpots that can get high RTP percentage
Pay outs were easier, with the Wilds pooping in between. Payout depends on virtual chips, and with huge bonus and 15 pay lines there is low pay out.
Know payment strategy

Thus, slot online games are filled with opportunities, just choose carefully.